You should check your store product and cart pages with FB Pixel Helper immediately after installing Trackify. Preferably give it a check before you even insert any pixel ID's anywhere into Trackify. That way you know that any remaining pixels on the page are not coming from Trackify yet.

Any code for Facebook related pixels that you want Trackify to handle needs to be removed from your store if it was installed manually before.

Please note: You can turn all Trackify pixel fires OFF temporarily without uninstalling the app. Just go to the Trackify settings page and turn the On/Off switch to "OFF" and save the settings. This may make it easier to determine which pixel fires are coming from other sources.

The most common sources and locations for code (FB Pixel AND Conversion pixels - old) are:

- Shopify Facebook Integration field

- theme.liquid

- index.liquid
- product.liquid

- cart.liquid

- Some other file in the snippet folder named product.liquid or product.js

- Google Tag Manager (it's best to remove the include line from theme.liquid)

- Checkout Settings additional code box

- Another app (particularly if it's not YOUR FB Pixel ID)

Please feel free to add to your store as staff (in the Admin Settings of Shopify) if you need help with this!