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cancel order companies issue

Due to the delay in my order, I would like for this company to cancel it and have them refund my credit card.  Ordered 12/03,  in plenty of time for the mug to be made, so I could receive it in time for a gift 12/17th.  Did not receive anything as yet and today is 12/16th.  Wrote them twice and I keep getting the same response...they will place my order on priority and for me to be patient.  Well my patience is DONE!  Whatever the issue is all I Want is  a refund!  32581 is my order number

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Same here. I purchased my order on 12/09 and nothing. Not even an answer when I have tried to message asking about my order. I'm not able to track the order any longer as it says the order is not found. This is a total scam!

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